How to Estimate the Number of Stand-Off MPV Brackets You Need for Your Project

Estimating the Number of Stand-Off MPV Brackets - EXOTECIn this discussion, we take you through the steps to estimating the number of Stand-Off MPV Brackets you’ll need for your next project.

The Stand-Off MPV Bracket was engineered for a spacing of 1’-4” x 4’-0”.

Estimating the Number of Stand-Off MPV Bracket

In order to estimate the number of Stand-Off MPV Brackets that you will need for your project, divide the square foot of rainscreen panel veneer by 5.32 ( 1’-4” x 4’-0” ).

When to Factor in Additional Brackets

You will need to factor in additional brackets for the top of the wall if the spacing does not lay out to 4’-0” increments.

You will need additional brackets at external and internal corners as well as door and window jambs. This will range from between 5% and 15% based on the building.

Other spacings can be used such as 4’-0” x 1’-4” or 2’-0” x 2’-8”. If you need additional attachment rails due to smaller size panels flat stock can be used for this.

Now Determine the Linear Feet of the Attachment Rail

Once you know the number of brackets needed, you can determine the linear feet of the attachment rail ( typically hat furring ) by multiplying the number of brackets by 4’-0”.

If you are using hat furring as the attachment rail, it should be 18 ga G90 galvanized. This was calculated by our Engineer for the worse wind load conditions in this country.

If you use flat stock or mini-zfurring, the gauge of the metal will have to be calculated by your engineer.

What’s Needed to Attach the Bracket to the Backup wall?

To attach the Stand-Off MPV Bracket to the backup wall you will need two screws/bracket. For light gage metal framing, the screws should be # 10 x 2” hex head Tek® 1 screws with a neoprene washer and corrosion-protecting coating.

Plan For Two Screws Per Attachment Point

To attach the attachment rail to the top plate of the Stand-Off MPV Bracket, you will need two screws per attachment point. The two screws will keep the top plate from rotating once they are installed. These screws need to be at least Tek® 3 pointed to self-tap through the attachment rail and 12 ga. top plate. They should be # 10 x ¾” hex head with a corrosion-resistant coating.

Example for Estimating the Number of Stand-Off MPV Brackets You Need for Your Next Project

Example: 30,000 sf of rainscreen panel veneer

30,000 sf / 5.32 = 5,639 brackets x 1.10 = 6,203 brackets

6,203 brackets x 4’-0” = 24,812 linear foot of hat-furring

Bracket attachment screws: 6,203 x 2 = 12,406

Attachment rail screws: 6,203 x 2 = 12,406

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