Stand-Off MPV Bracket

What is the Stand-Off MPV Bracket?

The Stand-Off MPV Bracket is an adjustable bracket for fastening metal panel veneers to buildings.

Features and Benefits


Virtually eliminates thermal bridging of the metal panel veneer attachment system through the continuous insulation over the sheathing in metal-framed building exterior walls.


Stand-Off MPV Bracket
Eliminates the need for shimming the metal panel attachment system by providing adjustability.


Stand-Off MPV Bracket

Provides for the mechanical fastening of rigid and semi-rigid continuous insulation. Accommodates various thicknesses of insulation.

The Product Data Sheet further describes compliance of metal panel veneers with the IEC requirements, more features & benefits, test results, available finishes, installation instructions, packaging and warranty.

Stand-Off MPV Bracket

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Structural components of the bracket are fireproof to comply with IBC requirements.

Engineered for 1’-4” horizontal x 4’-0” vertical spacing.

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