How Do You Attach Your Rainscreen Panel Veneer?

Lavallee Brensinger Architects specified our Stand-Off MPV Bracket for their Mid-Coast School of Technology project. Industrial Roofing Companies used the bracket to install the metal panel rainscreen veneer.


Here’s why.

EXO-TEC’S Northeast 2018 Best Projects

Architect: Levallee Brensinger Architects
Manchester, NH

General Contractor: Sheridan Construction
Portland, ME

Metal Panel Veneer Contractor: Industrial Roofing Companies
Lewiston, ME

Product: Stand-Off MPV Bracket for 4” insulation, zinc and yellow chromate plated

Project: Mid-Coast School of Technology
Rockland, ME


Lavallee Brensinger specified our Stand-Off MPV Bracket for their Mid-Coast School of Technology project in Rockland, ME. Sheridan Construction was awarded the project as the General Contractor. They chose Industrial Roofing as their metal panel rainscreen veneer contractor.

The 2015 International Energy Code defines continuous insulation as that which only has fasteners passing through it. This requirement rules out the use of the continuous Z-furring that was used prior to this code going into effect. The reason for the code change was that the thermal bridging created by the Z-furring reduced the effectiveness of the continuous insulation ( reduction in R-Value ) by 44%. See the below graphics showing the difference.

Benefits Of Using Our Stand-Off MPV Bracket

What’s missing in the photos of the installation?

The fasteners for the insulation.


Because the Stand-Off MPV Bracket mechanically fastens the insulation to the building.

Why is this important?

Because it saved Industrial roofing the cost of buying 4,500 fasteners, the labor to locate the studs through the insulation and the labor to install them. Not needing to install the fasteners resulted in 4,500 fewer fastener penetrations through the air, water and vapor barrier membrane that was installed on the sheathing. Unlike the fastener penetrations for the Stand-Off MPV Brackets, the insulation fasteners would not have had a flat plate to pass through and compress against the air, water, and vapor barrier membrane to turn the membrane into a gasket around the fasteners penetrations and could have resulted in leaks.

Other benefits of using our Stand-Off MPV Bracket

1. The brackets are adjustable so no shimming is needed. Industrial roofing set up a laser transit on the side of the building and just rotated the top plates of the brackets to the correct plane and then installed the mini Z-furring onto the top plates.

2. Industrial roofing did not have to cut and fit the insulation around the rainscreen panel veneer fastening system like they would have had to if they used one of our competitor’s systems. They just had to fit it between the Stand-Off MPV Brackets and then twist the insulation retainers tight to the face of the insulation.

3. The Stand-Off MPV Bracket is made of metal so it does not burn unlike some of the competitor’s products. The International Building Code requires that any load bearing elements in exterior walls in Types 1, 2 and 3 construction have a fire rating.

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