EXO-TEC Solutions, Inc. and Polyguard together are providing New England with a complete set of solutions for waterproofing.

Our knowledge and expertise with those of Polyguard, an employee-owned business, and their quality products can solve even your most complicated waterproofing applications.

Along with self-adhering sheet and fluid applied waterproofing membranes, Polyguard has solutions for blind-side and under slab waterproofing with products that have a long history of performance and are the most economical products available on the market.

They also have chemical resistant waterproofing products that can be used to waterproof buildings on brownfield sites as both the chemical barrier and the waterproofing thus eliminating the need for a membrane chemical barrier being installed under the building.

Polyguard also offers self-adhering sheet and fluid applied membrane air barriers and through-wall flashings.

View Polyguard’s waterproofing and air barrier products.

Please contact Len Anastasi at 781-408-9040 or len@exo-tec.biz to help you include Polyguard products in your project.

Here are some applications of Polyguard products installed on projects in New England.

EXO-TEC Solutions, Inc.
Polyguard-logo Waterproofing solutions by EXO-TEC

The above projects incorporate the following Polyguard products

Waterproofing Systems

Underseal® BlindsideTM Membrane
Underseal® Underslab Membrane
650 Membrane Waterproofing
Polyflow® 15 Drainage Mat

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