Are You Frustrated with Warping of the Jam-Ex®?

We have had more than a few correspondences regarding the warping of the leading edge of our Jam-Ex® product when spray polyurethane insulation is applied to it.
This does not need to happen. Correct spray foam installation should not cause the leading edge to warp. As a service to our customers and design professionals, we want to help.

Follow These 3 Steps

Step 1

Apply a “cove“ of spray foam to the internal corner of the Jam-Ex®. The spray foam industry calls this “picture framing“.

Step 2

Allow the spray foam to cool to within 10˚ of the ambient
air temperature.

Step 3

Fill in the area adjacent to the “picture framed“ Jam-Ex®.

How Does This Solution Help?

When being applied, spray foam insulation exotherms to 250˚ F. As it cools and cures, it will thermally contract thus exerting a force on any material that it is adhered to. The force is great enough to bend window frames as well as light and medium gauge metals. “Picture framing“ will alleviate this force.

Jam-Ex® is available in the following profiles and packaging:

  • 10’-0” long x 2” x 3”   25 pcs / box
  • 10’-0” long x 4” x 5”   25 pcs / box
These sizes are in our warehouse and ready to ship.
Custom sizes are available. Please allow 6 weeks lead time for the die work and 4 weeks lead time for the product.

Get the Jam-Ex®

A semi-rigid, 60 mils thick, extruded thermoplastic product.

Use Jam-Ex ® to extend the jambs, heads, and sills of windows, storefronts, curtainwalls, and doors in exterior walls of buildings.

For air barrier and vapor barrier systems.

Build Leak-Proof Buildings with EXO-TEC.

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